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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Provisions on delivery of goods and delay in delivery:
· Delivery deadlines, even if stated in writing, are approximate and are not binding for the supplier. The supplier will endeavor to deliver the ordered goods within the estimated period, but is not responsible for the actual performance within the period. The supplier is also exempted from any responsibility for any damage caused to the buyer due to exceeding the delivery deadline.
· In case of exceeding the specified delivery period, the supplier shall determine a new delivery period, which cannot be longer than 45 days. If the supplier does not deliver the ordered goods even within the specified additional period, the buyer can withdraw from the contract, and the advance payment already paid will be returned to him.
· Regarding installation, you as a buyer are obliged to provide all the conditions for the installation of the blinds and to allow the installation to be carried out on the agreed day.

Receiving goods:
· The goods are considered to be taken over by the buyer at the moment when the supplier enables him to actually use the delivered goods or upon signing the takeover minutes. The buyer upon installation or by signing the acceptance record, he confirms the flawlessness of the delivered goods. With this acceptance of the goods, all responsibility for the destruction or damage of the goods passes to the buyer. All possible later complaints by the buyer related to the process of taking over the goods or warranty for obvious defects, which he did not claim at the time of taking over, are excluded.
If the buyer does not take delivery of the goods within the deadline, the supplier is entitled to:
     demand fulfillment of the contract / demand storage payment in the amount of 15% of the contract value / withdraw from the contract immediately and withhold the advance payment / demand reimbursement of all possible costs and damages incurred due to non-acceptance of the goods, in this case the lost profit of the supplier is also considered as damages.
· The buyer undertakes to notify the supplier in writing of any change in relation to the invoice (in particular, a change in the name or address of the company's permanent or temporary residence or headquarters), which could in any way affect the correct invoicing method specified in these terms and conditions. If the buyer waives his duty, the supplier is entitled to withdraw from the contract and freely dispose of the goods in the event that the buyer does not take over the goods or does not take them over on time after the 15-day deadline has passed after the call to take over the goods.
· The drive belt and the belt machine are consumables and have a one (1) year warranty. The warranty does not apply to remote transmitters (remotes).
· All products come with a five (5) year warranty on the drive motors. Out of these five (5) years, in the event of a breakdown, the first two (2) years include a complete free engine exchange, and the remaining three (3) years include a free engine, and the exchange service is charged according to the applicable price list.
· A two (2) year warranty applies to industrial roller doors and garage doors intended for multi-apartment, business, craft activities and use in shared garages. If a maintenance contract is signed, the warranty is extended to five (5) years. Of these five (5) years, the first two (2) years include a complete free engine and electronics exchange, while the remaining three (3) years include a free engine and electronics, and the exchange service is charged according to the applicable price list.
· Damage to the profile is justified if it is visible from a distance of 3 m (300 cm) in normal light when the product is not exposed to direct sunlight.
· In case of force majeure, bad weather conditions or in conditions not permitted by law (e.g. frozen structures, wind) the installation date may be interrupted or delayed. The new date is determined depending on weather conditions.
· The buyer is obliged at the time of installation or supplies to check quantities and dimensions.
· Insurance and protection of the windows and the building must be provided by the buyer. Otherwise, we are not responsible for injuries during the assembly work process.
· If on the day of assembly it is determined that the facility is not adequately prepared for assembly, a new assembly date will be determined, which will be charged according to the current price list.
· At the end of the installation, the buyer is obliged to accept the goods with the installer. If the buyer is not present and the acceptance record is not signed by the buyer, it is considered that there are no comments on the work performed.
· The goods are owned by the manufacturer until this payment is made in full.
· In case of any subsequent change in the documentation, the buyer will be charged an administrative fee of €15 including VAT.
· In the case of returning the material, the amount of handling costs and postage will not be returned to the buyer.
· Invoice complaints are considered within 8 days from the date of the invoice. The District Court in Ljubljana is competent for any disputes.


Tolerances regarding manufactured dimensions of the product

The following tolerances apply to the deviations of the manufactured shade, door or mosquito net from the order size:

Product dimension: Tolerance:
˂ 1.2 m ± 1.5 mm
˃ = 1.2 m ˂ 2.0 mm ± 2.0 mm
˃ = 2.0 m ± 2.5 mm
For elements of special shapes ± 3.0 mm.

Special features related to the production of mosquito nets

Since the mesh is attached to the mosquito net frame, it bends slightly inward in the middle. The bending strength depends on the strength of the profiles and the size of the mosquito net frame.

Joining of profiles

As a result of the production processes and the tolerances of the extruded profiles, the permissible deviation at the joint of the profiles is up to 0.5 mm.

Light gap in sealing brushes

Sealing brushes are installed on the mosquito net to seal between the mosquito net and the window and prevent the entry of insects. In some cases, due to the installation situation, such as strongly rounded window frame, a visible light gap occurs at the junction of the brush and the frame. This gap measures only a few tenths of a millimeter and is smaller than the opening in the mosquito net, so it does not affect the sealing of the mosquito net.

Closing parts

The closing parts of the mosquito net are exposed to weather influences such as UV rays, heat and water, which can affect the shrinkage, expansion and fading of the profiles, which in turn can affect the performance.

Color change of older PVC window frames

With older PVC windows, it can happen that the surface of the window frame becomes yellowish under the mosquito net. The reason for this is related to the composition of the plastic material from which the window is made. Discoloration of the surface would also occur if the surface were covered with other materials (for example with guides). As a result, the coloring of the frames is not covered by the warranty.


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