Chamber of Architecture and Spatial planning of Slovenia selected two outstanding projects with venetian blinds HERO for their exhibition @Architects Day of Slovenia 2020

For exhibition »The international story of Slovenian architecture«, presented at the Architects' Days 2020, Chamber of Architecture and Spatial planning of Slovenia, chose this beautiful house in Kamnik. Architect Nika Učakar Golob from Arhicenter d.o.o., Mengeš, Slovenia, thoughtfully planned a single-family house with external HERO blinds in a modern way, but with regard to Slovenian architecture and culture.

The special shape of the HERO slats, in addition to the adjustable inclination, which successfully reflects the sun's rays, also enables maximum darkening. However, when the blinds are raised, they are completely hidden in a housing under the plaster. This enables a minimalistic, clean look, and gives the user maximum practicality and usability. The selected P slats, which are also ROLTEK’s patent and innovation, give in closed state the venetian blinds an appearance of a roller shutter. The full look embraces traditionalism with a modern touch.

For the same effect and the implementation of external venetian blinds, plan your project with a new, redefined system HERO.3.

At ROLTEK, we offer architects full support when including sun protection systems into their projects. Offering free ROLTEK CAD libraries published on ROLTEK website that include details of installation examples and BIM library for all ROLTEK products. Access to the free technical detail content, extremely easy to use, is available by simply registering at

Modern house from Brežice

Chamber of Architecture and Spatial planning of Slovenia for exhibition also selected this bold, modern house from Brežice, Slovenia. The passive prefabricated house for a young family is designed on a relatively narrow and slightly inconvenient building plot. The lower living areas are open to the south-western sun, while HERO.2 external venetian blinds provide pleasant shading and protection against excess heat.

HERO slats with their special shape, in addition to the adjustable inclination, that successfully reflects the sun's rays, also enable maximum darkening. For this project architect selected Venetian Blinds HERO with P-shaped slats. Projected are in a well-thought-out combination of colors, which is coordinated with the individual colors of the facade.

About the building

The building was designed by the architectural office NAINO d.o.o. from Brežice, Slovenia. Project is captured by photographer Žiga Lovšin.

Each chosen project was presented through several photographs at exhibition at the event, Architects' Day 2020.

* ROLTEK - for the fourth year in a row, helped funding the Architects' Day 2020 event.

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