ROLTEK in collaboration with ISA, Immersive School of Architecture 2019

11th – 17th April 2019

Triglav National park, SLOVENIA

with Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury and Maruša Zorec

Immersive Architecture was created to provide a platform for a global community, dedicated to create architecture that is human friendly and respectful to the nature.

In our present high-tech world, we find it even more important for architects to base the fundamental conceptual decision on an in-depth knowledge of space and materials and use the technology in order to rise the user experience to even the higher levels rather than vice-versa where a technology is being used as a solution to all our problems.

About ROLTEK: 

"For various reasons, I focused our studio (Biro Gašperič) on family houses. Family houses made out of wood, to be exact.
Getting familiar with the building technology, I soon realized, that the main concern is not ‘how to heat a house’ anymore but, due to high energy efficiency of the outer walls, it is rather, how to prevent to overheat it. Being a fan of big panoramic windows, that seamlessly connect indoor with the environment around us, makes the shading consideration even more important."

"Searching for a partner, that would, not only provide wide range of perfect standard shading solutions but rather took a time to listen and understand my special architectural needs, I came across ROLTEK – the shading specialist company. And I never regretted my decision."

- Matej Gašperič, architect

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