Rolling and Sliding Doors

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Rolling and Sliding Doors

  • Endless space, effortless motion

    Endless space, effortless motion

    One door, one box, no space- doors that roll seamlessly into a box.
  • The sound of silence

    The sound of silence

    Slide your door under the ceiling.
  • You can look but you can’t touch

    You can look but you can’t touch

    Impenetrable extruded aluminium doors.
  • Fast in, faster out

    Fast in, faster out

    Industrial rolling doors.

You have a lot of choices as to where to get your garage doors from so here’s why to choose ROLTEK.

We are ROLTEK and we believe in applying high quality and great design to every single one of our products. We are making these garage doors with the strongest materials and the best designed mechanics. Want to try?

Design, functionality and smoothness all rolled into one.
At ROLTEK we’ve got all the doors door: rolling doors, sliding doors and security rolling doors. We stand for high quality in the materials, the mechanism and especially the service. That’s why on top of giving you a garage door made from the strongest grade of Aluminium we offer everyone a five year warranty on all of our products.

If your garage is your home away from home, your mancave, the summer garage sale hotspot or even a place to keep all your classic cars- if you’re lucky- the GECCO is for you. You will be able to save space inside your garage and because of its vertical sliding mechanism you no longer have to park three feet away from your garage so it can swing outwards. Own a GECCO and let your garage meet its potential.

Try and listen to your SILENTO glide open and you may just be able to hear it over the crackling of your summer barbecue- but we’re not making any promises. What we can promise is that this is our quietest garage door and along with its space saving attributes the SILENTO will prove to be the best designed and most durable garage door. So if you’re one for those late nights or early mornings use a SILENTO and never worry about waking up the neighbours.

The strongest. The fastest. Simply put, it’s a ROLTEK classic. The ROLENTO isn’t just strong, it’s very strong and made from slats deeply rooted into its extruded aluminium 110 mm rails. You’ll also be able to choose the shape of its housing between three different profiles. With a ROLENTO you’ll have a garage door that saves space, is durable and is guaranteed to last for life.