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Roller shutters

  • Front mounted roller shutters under the façade

    Front mounted roller shutters under the façade

    The roller shutter box is hidden under the façade.
  • Front mounted roller shutters

    Front mounted roller shutters

    The visible box is mounted on the outside of the window. You can install this after the window has been made.
  • Top mounted roller shutters

    Top mounted roller shutters

    Boxes mounted directly above the window. Exclusively for new buildings and renovations.
  • Roller shutters for special window shapes

    Roller shutters for special window shapes

    Roller shutters for any type of window.
  • Skylight Roller Shutters

    Skylight Roller Shutters

    Shade from above.
  • Roller shutters with a blind function

    Roller shutters with a blind function

    Optimal combination of shade and light.
  • Antiburglar roller shutters

    Antiburglar roller shutters

    Protect your home against burglars with security assured roller shutters.

Why choose this type of sun protection.

Roller shutters offer the most from any blinds system. This gives you the ability to partially darken a room or even completely black it out. They also offer a variety of additional features that will help you improve your home. And as the most used sun protection system in Europe roller shutters are the perfect combination of style and shade.

Save, shade and insulate.
At this very instant your glass windows are acting as a thermal conductor transferring heat from inside to outside your home. The addition of a roller shutter to your windows not only provide you with a means of keeping the heat out in the summer but act as a weapon for keeping the heat in during the winter. With roller shutters fitted on all of your windows you can save up to 80% of heat!

Everyone needs to feel secure when they’re at home. Whether it’s against strong winds, a stray tennis ball or even a burglary. Our roller shutters are designed to give your windows and home maximum protection so you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your living room.

Comfort without boundaries
With ROLTEK the possibilities are endless and your choices limitless. You can opt for a motorised system, a remote control or even an additional insect for your roller shutter system. Not to mention the selection between over five different types of front mounted shutter systems alone. And on top of this you can select between combinations of the widest range of colours. Thousands of possibilities all at your fingertips.