Insect screens

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Insect screens

  • Roling insect screens

    Roling insect screens

    Your very own boxed insect screen.
  • Hinged insect screens

    Hinged insect screens

    Turn your insect screen into your door.
  • Sliding insect screens

    Sliding insect screens

    Perfect for a terrace of balcony.
  • Fixed frame insect screens

    Fixed frame insect screens

    Permanent protection with tightly fitted insect screens.
  • Pleated insect screens

    Pleated insect screens

    Crisply folded insect screens which open in the same way as pleated blinds.
  • Integrate your insect screen

    Integrate your insect screen

    Connect your insect screen with your roller shutter.

It’s man vs nature and we’ve got the insect screens to match

Have the best of both worlds with a ROLTEK insect screen. You’ll be able to have your windows wide open and an insect free home all at the same time. We offer six types of insect screen made from over three types of material. So whatever your window we’ll have the insect screen for you.

Your insect screen will act as your very own long lasting aluminium spider’s web with complete corrosion resistance. We also tightly wove each aluminium strand into the frame to give your insect screen as much impact resistance as possible. Along with making our mesh fine enough to stop even the smallest of insects in its tracks, we also assured our screens were made with no pesticide or electrical devices. Strong, natural and built to last- own a ROLTEK insect screen and never worry about miniature intruders again.