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European quality

New European standard for exterior blinds!

Our passion is to satisfy clients, make them happy, provide them with nothing but the best products. Since 01.04.2006, there has been fixed the new European standard criteria for quality - EN 13659. Since then, all the suppliers of roller shutters, wooden shutters and exterior blinds are obliged to follow those regulations.

Roller shutters, exterior blinds, wooden shutters and other kinds of exterior blinds are fixed to the new standards and all have to satisfy the new regulations. Therefore all those exterior blinds have to incorporate the CE sticker, technical map and are obliaged to satisfy the rest of the new settled norms.

We claim as our biggest responsibility the coordination of our production, assembly and entire service, with the new European standards. We believe that our biggest assets are happy clients, satisfied with our products.

With the new European standards for exterior blinds the criteria for the suppliers is finally fixed to the same level. That standard is necessary and needs to be achieved by all the procurers and suppliers of shutters and other exterior blinds.

Roltek as your supplier of exterior blinds always makes it’s best to surplus the standards. We believe that Roltek provides you MORE then any other producer of the exterior blinds. Our high quality and service, combined with flexibility and elegant design, embody products for those who know and appreciate only the best.

Roltek roller shutters are tested within the EN 1932 standard!
The main requirements of the EN 13659 standards are the wind classes and testing exterior blinds within those.

Quality is our most important characteristic!
Guided by our aim to produce nothing but the highest quality products, is proven by the fact that we complete the quality control at every stage of the production line.

Development department 
We have our own development department where we constantly invest large amount of time and effort to create new technological, high-quality and constructional solutions. To find the best solutions we have built an unrivalled depth of reliability, trust, connection and contact with our clients – a connection we will steadfastly uphold, now and always. We believe that our costumer’s feedback is the key and our passion is to provide you with the only best, exactly the way you want it.

Production cycle and quality control 
We maintain our quality at every stage of the production cycle under the highest international ISO standards. 

Our long-term experiences have built an unrivalled depth of reliability, trust and connection with our clients therefore trust us your wishes and we will take care of the entire service!