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Care for the environment

Because we know that our better tomorrow begins with today's care for the environment.  

Guided by our shared values, Roltek has identified high-priority areas where we believe we make a difference in environment. Our focus is to create a better environment to live and therefore provide you the most efficient isolation for your logging against heat, cold and energy loss.

We are mindful of how important is to plan isolation before building the actual house. Based on European insolation standards, all the buildings will soon need to have an energy certificate. The right preparation and plan of having Roltek roller screens will automatically improve your isolation of your windows to the great extend.

We desire to present you how easily you can improve isolation of your lodging with the Roltek roller screens. Have you known, that with the right choice of roller screens you can save 30% of energy? Let us give an explanation why:

1. Window + Roller shutter = more isolation
2. Attention! The roller shutter's box needs to be well isolated!
3. Have you known, that with the motor controled roller shutters you able to gain on long-term dedicated savings?
4. Roller shutters ran by the solar power
5. Materials are environmental friendly!

1. Window + Roller shutter = more isolation  

It is extremely important to have well isolated window with the smallest amount of thermal bridges. Nevertheless people tend to forget that every single glass surface (no matter how good the quality is) is a thermal bridge by itself. With the choice of Roltek roller shutters you can save up to 25-35% of heating in winter season. Furthermore, in summer days you easily reduce the amount of heat. The reason is the roller shutter, which protects glass surface (the greenhouse effect).
Beside the great isolation roller shutter offers additional protection for a window itself against damage, dirt and other external factors. Latest researches proved that with the front Roltek roller shutters, U amount of thermal energy decreases for 0,2 coefficient.

Question: is it possible to prevent the heat loss (through thermal bridge) with the front roller shutter box made out of aluminum, which is fixed in front of the window? What is the advantage in thermal isolation of the ‘slat tire’?

According to the above question many answers have been given and written but none of them were really tested. Therefore Roltek has decided to get that checked by professionals. We have trusted a german, Fraunhofer’s institute, which is generally testing the U-amount and it’s influence on energy heat gain and loss in different cases and building situations

The results of institution’s testing matched our predictions. Thermo-grafical pictures above help you picture, how slats coat increases the heat isolation of the window. Furthermore, institute’s research has proven, that front roller shutter’s box does not release any heat through thermal bridge.

2. Attention! Roller shutter's box needs to be well isolated!  

The thermal change between cold winters and hot summers is constantly getting greater. It is a fact that in summer days we are obliged to cool our indoor space and heat it in winter, if we want to have a nice living temperature. However, that normally sums up as quite expensive activity. Therefore, choosing Roltek’s products prevents the heat letting go into the indoor space, by witch means using much less additional thermal heating/cooling.

Sound and thermal isolation only work if there is the right amount of a gap between the slat’s coat and the window itself. Beside that it is also important the quality of roller shutters and firmness of the materials. You have to be aware that heavy slat’s coat allows greater sound isolation then an easy slat’s coat. Nevertheless heavy slat's coat can only be build into the ‘above window’ roller shutter system. If you choose, to have a PVC, inside roller shutter box, you must not forget the inside box isolation. It is proven, that well isolated roller shutter box does not have coefficient of energy loss higher then 0,5 - 0,7 W/m2K.


3. Have you known, that having a motor control roller shutters helps you with the long-term savings? 

Isolation will really be efficient if you will choose roller shutters, which are motor controlled. By that means you would have the switches and a remote control.
Having a manually controlled roller shutter creates mini energy loss due the tiny gap inside of an complex, which presents the thermal bridge.
Motor-controlled roller shutter does not create that. By that means that exterior sound, cold or warmth simply cannot entre the indoor space through any gap.
Another advantage is that the motor-controlled roller shutter, creates extremely little sound with its movement. Furthermore, having motor controlled roller shutter increases the level of comfort too. All you need to do is use a switch or press the button on the remote control. In addition that give longer lifetime to the roller shutter. Having manually controlled roller shutters might cause overuse of certain materials.

4. Roller shutters run by the solar energy   

Technology goes faster and faster but does not always take into account that we have to take care of our living environment too. However, we desire to help the nature and with our activities participate, to make a change. Based on that argument we offer you roller shutters system run by the solar energy too. Through the solar collector is possible to collect energy, for 12V motor control in your roller shutter’s box. In case of a longer period with no sun, you are able to manage the roller shutter manually.

5. Materials that work together with nature!

Our slat’s have a certificate with ALUMINO, by which means they are filled with polyurethane foam. Furthermore, that stands for the fact that they do not contain any CFCs and are environmental friendly.
Make a gesture for the environment with us, and choose environmentally friendly materials for you and your family.