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Company holidays 23.12.2017-7.1.2018

Our company is closed for holidays from 23.12.2017 until 7.1.2018.
We wish you a merry christmas and happy new year 2018!

We are closed for summer holiday

Please note that we have company holidays from July 24th to August 6th 2017!

We wish you a nice holiday!
Your ROLTEK Team

Company holidays 23.12.2016-6.1.2017

Our company is closed for holidays from 23.12.2016 until 6.1.2017.
We wish you a merry christmas and happy new year 2017!

Say hello to the next generation of Venetian blinds

HERO is the cutting edge line of Venetian blinds brought to you by ROLTEK. With a HERO blind you can simply flick a switch and go from scorching sunlight to cooling shade in just a matter of seconds.

Each slat is made from roll formed aluminium and carefully stitched together. This not only means you’ll have Venetian blinds that give your house added strength against the elements but also provides you with a much greater level of security.

Choose between two types of profile: P which combines tensile strength and rigidity, or the S profile which give your blinds a much smoother look.

At Roltek we’ve got blinds for every window so you also have the choice of going for the special edition set of HERO blinds. These are measured and assembled by hand and every single one is completely unique.

Remote controls with new design

We offer a completely new line of remote controls, awailable in modern white color.

You can choose between 1-channel, 5-channel, 10-channel remote and 10-channel model with clock.

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